Ceramic Pro Auto Spa Newcastle offers professional car window tinting at our modern workshop in Cardiff, NSW. We use premium window tinting film imported from the U.S, all products are covered by a lifetime warranty, and our services are guaranteed. Window tint treatments reduce glare and offer heat protection while blocking UV rays to protect your car interior from sun damage.

We have extended our auto spa services to include premium automotive window tinting due to popular demand. Our staff are fully qualified window tint specialists who install a wide range of car window tint films that offer a superior blemish-free finish. Regardless of the age of your vehicle, we can install high-performance window tinting on your car, motorhome, caravan and your boat for a super sleek finish.

Benefits Of Car Window Tinting

  • Reduces glare and eye fatigue
  • UV protection- blocks up to 99% of UV rays
  • Offers increased safety due to shatter-resistant film
  • Protects car interior from fading
  • Increased air conditioner efficiency
  • Heat protection
  • Improved aesthetics and value

Affordable, High-Quality Window Tinting With Guaranteed Results

We offer fast turnaround time and high-quality customer service at a price you can afford. Ceramic Pro Auto Spa Newcastle adheres to strict window tinting regulations and ensures that all modifications are completed according to legal requirements. Every window tint job involves a highly technical process that ultimately produces the perfect finish, superior visibility and showroom appearance.

We use only the highest quality products and provide a service that is unmatched in the industry. If you want excellent results and 100% satisfaction guaranteed, give our experts at Ceramic Pro Auto Spa Newcastle a call today for a fast quote.