Ceramic Pro is a Permanent Nano Ceramic Coating, backed up with Lifetime Warranty!

Ceramic Pro Paint Protection is a High Gloss Permanent Bond Nano-Ceramic Coating that can only be applied by our network of trained Approved Applicators and is backed up by a Lifetime Warranty*, compared to factory paint work it utilises the latest ceramic nanotechnology to give your paint work superior Chemical Resistance, UV & Thermal Resistance, Anti-Graffiti and Super Hydrophobic effect.

After Ceramic Pro 9h Paint Protection is applied you won’t ever have to wax or polish your vehicle again, with its super hydrophopic affect water will beed up and roll off helping keep your vehicle cleaner for longer. Our Ceramic coating will provide the best protection from damaging environmental contaminants and harsh chemicals that over time would comprise the factory clear coat, such as tar, bug splatter, tree sap and the ever annoying bird and bat dropping.

Ceramic Pro is not a “car yard” paint protection, wax or polish that will break down over time. Our Ceramic coating forms a permanent adhesion to your paints surface like an additional clear coat. Ceramic Pro 9h can only be removed through abrasion, making it highly durable.

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